Testing About Me

Put simply, I love design. Interiors and exteriors. I have always loved the way a space can make you feel at home or make you want to run for the hills! Since starting my design firm 20+ years ago, I have watched trends come and go. Most have been welcomed changes. I have loved every minute of that change, and helping my clients adapt to them. I have been fortunate throughout my career to work for clients from coast to coast. From California to Massachusetts; from Washington, DC to South Carolina. Different places, different styles, different design – all keeping it fresh and fun. The landscape design side of my business has come as a result of my own love of gardening, and my clients asking for help on their yards and improving curb appeal. This evolved into offering complete design plans, sourcing out the plants and working with a number of installers to create outdoor spaces as magnificent as the inside of their home. My desire for my business is to design your home with current ideas, but not trendy, soon to be out of date, designs. I pride myself in being practical, affordable, and respectful to my client’s budgets. I want your home to be your haven; a reflection of you – not some cookie cutter, overpriced design. I will design to your liking, steering you in the right direction as I listen to how you want to see your home and yard.

I would be happy to help with anything and everything; from a single room color update, container gardens for a special party, holiday decorating, all the way to a complete home remodel and makeover.

Let’s do this together!