Oak Hill Kitchen Remodel

Have you ever dreamed of finding a house that’s a diamond-in-the- rough and making it into your own treasured home? Then this story is for you, a fairy tale come true.

There once was a house that, for quite some time, no one had seen for the hidden gem that it was. While house hunting, one woman finally walked through this house and knew it could be something special. But how could she unlock its potential? Fortunately, she contacted Jayne McGinn Designs. Together, they visited the property. Would their remodel and interior design teams be able to bring out the true beauty of this house?

At first glance, the overall impression was dark, dated, and depressing. But despite having been built in the early 1980s, the house boasted an open floor plan, which is more friendly to family life as well as entertaining guests. Jayne encouraged her client’s hope that the house had great bones and that a cosmetic overhaul would breathe new life into this fantastic property.

With excitement and anticipation, Jayne’s client closed on the house and the remodel and interior design work began.

The only structural change needed was to move the master bedroom door 15 feet to the right. The door swing was flipped from left to right to give some much-needed privacy to the bedroom, shielding it from the rest of the house. Originally, the door was actually in the kitchen, at the end of the cabinetry… great for late-night snacks, but bad for allowing dinner guests to have a view of your possibly unmade bed.

Additionally, moving the master bedroom door allowed the kitchen remodel to expand to offer a kitchen twice the size of the original, while also providing room for banquette seating on the back side of the island. This grew from the homeowner’s desire not to have stools for island seating. She preferred to incorporate a family table for homework as well as meals. Her large and gorgeous table is now the gathering hub for family and friends.


Pictures of before the kitchen remodel