Put simply, Jayne loves interior design, kitchen remodeling and dirt, rather plants that live in dirt! Jayne has always loved the way a space can make you feel at peace or cause great anxiety… the psychology of good (or bad) design! Since starting her design firm 20 years ago, she has watched trends come and go. Most have been welcome changes. She loved every minute of that change, and helping her clients adapt to them. Jayne has been fortunate throughout her career to work for clients from coast to coast. From California to Massachusetts; from Washington, DC to South Carolina. Different places, different styles, different design – all keeping it fresh and fun. The landscape design side of the business has come as a result of her own love of dirt and their clients asking for help with their landscaping and improving curb appeal. This has now become a significant facet of their company to help clients’ homes have a landscaping design as magnificent as the inside of their home. Jayne’s desire for the business is to design your home with current ideas, not trendy, soon-to-be-out-of-date designs. To help you bring what you what your home to look like to life. Cookie cutter design is not what Jayne believes in. Jayne wants your home to be your haven, a reflection of you. The reputation Jayne continues to promote is that hiring an interioer designer should be practical, affordable, and respectful of their clients’ budgets. Jayne will design to your liking, steering you in the right direction as she listens to how you desire to see your home and yard. From managing full-scale construction projects to selecting paint colors, they will assist with every step, bringing peace of mind to the complex process of creating your unique space. As one client referred to Jayne, “She was my design therapist”!  With the right interior design, everything is possible!